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Prices In U.S. Dollars
First Scan = $1.00
Additional Scans = $0.65 each

All Scans Are Quoted As JPG Format

All Photos Returned With Scans On
 Floppy Disk (Included) via Priority Mail Unless Otherwise Specified.
Shipping charges do Apply.

Up to 10 Scans Can Be Returned via e-mail.
No Photos Will Be Returned Using This Method.
All Unreturned Photos Will Become The Property Of
Airsonic Scans And Will Be Destroyed.
If Nothing Is Being Returned No Shipping Charges Apply.

Scans Can Be Returned On CD With Viewer Included.
$10.00 Per CD
Shipping Charges Do Apply

Additional Copy Of Scans Can Be Placed On Additional Media
(i.e. You Want A Copy On CD For Grandpa And Grandma)

Additional Floppy = $2.00 Each

Additional CD = $10.00 Each


Email us your questions